22 Sep 2021


Do you have a little love for one of our rescue horses or ponies? We have a lot of horses and ponies in cavalable who would be excellent companions and would just like the chance to be part of an experienced and loving family. The problem is real. The numbers are shocking. You can make a difference. It is estimated that there are 120,000 unwanted horses in the United States and that rescue operations cannot support them all. Our care program connects horses in distress with individuals and families who have space and care available. The CHR typically favours non-equestrian companion horses. Equestrian horses stick to rescue, making them more visible during the adoption process. Open your barn and heart for a horse in transition, to create more space to save lives at Colorado Horse Rescue.

Each time we return home one of our horses or ponies, we ask for a donation of care that will be used to continue to maintain the rescue horses and ponies under the responsibility of the company. The amount of the donation depends on the size of the horse and its abilities. Kiss and enjoy the company of your new adoptive horse. Your love and gratitude are invaluable rewards for your generosity. Our goal is to take each of our rehabilitated horses or ponies suitable for reintegration into experienced and expert care homes. There are some residents of the nucleus who, due to medical problems and / or age (too young or too old), stay with us permanently, which are not taken into account for care purposes. We are looking for long-term and loving care homes for our horses and ponies. Every successfully maintained horse or pony makes sure the animal is taken care of one by one (something we simply can`t do with the amount of horses we`re dealing with).

It is equally important that every time we evacuate a horse home through our care program, we have a different space to help another case in need. If you can`t adopt a horse, but you want to help, taking care of a lifehorse can be a good option! Download the following forms to learn more about caring for one of our life horses. If your request for care is successful, you will be asked to sign a care agreement, which means that you agree to abide by all the terms of the care agreement. In addition, during your guard, you will be asked to fill out Equine Log Sheets for the horse, which are detailed on when the horse is dewormed, seen by the farrier, dentist, veterinarian, etc. It is a strict condition of our care criteria that all well-maintained horses and ponies are fully covered by recognized equine insurance. In particular, the insurance must cover veterinary care and civil liability. The horse/pony is checked every six months for the rest of its life by one of our care managers, with a more frequent check at the beginning of each care agreement to ensure that no problems arise. When you bring a horse or pony back from the sanctuary, you do it as part of a care agreement. This means that while you are fully responsible for the day-to-day care and exercise of the horses, you are not the rightful owner of the horse. EHPPS retains ownership of the horse at all times. Allow a CHR representative to conduct an on-site visit prior to the care home`s authorization, and then again at the discretion of the KHR. Nurses are responsible for the daily care and exercise of their adoptive horse.

Each horse that goes to care creates a space for another horse in need that needs our help….

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