21 Sep 2021


Temporary agency workers: The union insisted that temporary agency workers get a better deal from GM. Both sides agreed that the temporary workers would become permanent employees and that details had yet to be disclosed. “At the October 17 meeting, the Council will decide whether to continue the strike until the ratification is complete or to stop the strike at the time the Council approves the agreement,” the union said. Around 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, details of the contract were released, for both hour workers and employees: if approved by the National Council, the proposal will officially become a provisional agreement that will be submitted for ratification to GM hour workers. Ratification is expected to take a week or two. The deal will include wage increases, a ratification bonus of at least US$9,000, GM`s promise to create or maintain 9,000 jobs over the next four years, a way for temporary agency workers to become permanent, and other elements. The strike began at 12:01 p..m. September…

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