21 Sep 2021


Funding Agreement Certification – Life Cycle winners also sign certifications when they apply for renewal or conclude their award. Ownership and marketing rights: applies only to the STTR program The Directive on Business Administration Policy (PD) defines guidelines for the implementation of the STTR program. The requires that there is an agreement between the Small Business Concern (SBC) and the research organisation concerned for the granting of property and marketing rights. The requirements for the postponement of the winners` projects are included in the Federal Watchlist and Instructions for RD&D Projects, DOE F 4600.2, which are attached to the award agreement. Certification of the funding agreement – Date of award The winners must, at the time of award, sign the following certifications of the funding agreement: Please use this DOE certification form to confirm the existence of an agreement between an SBC and the research organization that allocates intellectual property rights and, if applicable, rights to carry out the research, follow-up development or commercialization, resulting from an STTR project. The continuation of the SBIR/STTR special intellectual property rights during phase III awards is described in this document. These guidelines can be useful for both DOE contracting agencies awarding Phase III contracts and small businesses receiving them. General Terms and Conditions of Sale: The General Terms and Conditions of Sale do not constitute all the provisions of the legislation and regulations in force, nor an exhaustive list of all the requirements applicable to this support agreement. On the contrary, they highlight requirements that are particularly relevant to and consistent with research grants in general. Frequently asked questions about the award: Here you will find the answers to most of the questions asked after the award of a Phase I or II SBIR/STTR Awards. Answers to questions include reward notifications, free extensions, progress reports, and audit requirements.

DOE Certification Form: Certification of Property and Commercialization Rights DOE Model Agreement Form: Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights and Rights for Further Research, Development or Commercialization. . . .

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