18 Sep 2021


The staff accommodation agreement is a legal and binding document. A written housing contract protects the company from liability and describes all the important things to which the employer and the tenant/employee are committed. Whether the housing agreement is made by license or lease is your choice, but it must be established by a written agreement. Staff agreement should indicate who is responsible for the payment of incidental costs. The agreement may provide that electricity bills are charged in the employee`s name. Some landlords may choose to charge rent to their employees. One of the advantages of the rental charge is that when an employee takes a compensation leave, it simplifies the worker`s stay in the house. If the worker no longer pays the rent, he or she can be moved. On the other hand, if the rent is not calculated, an evicted worker could claim that he or she has received retaliation for filing a right to compensation. A staff housing agreement should determine who can or cannot live in the house. It is recommended that only the worker, spouse and minor children can live in the property.

Any other person or person wishing to live in the house must be approved in writing by the owner. A written housing contract helps landlords clearly communicate their expectations about occupancy and maintain control of residential property. The staff housing contract should indicate who can occupy the house. As a rule, only the employer, spouse and minor children can live in the house. The agreement should also stipulate that written permission will be obtained for additional people to occupy the premises. Staff rental agreements are legally binding on you and your employees. Such agreements must be in accordance with state law with respect to landlords and tenants. . . .

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