12 Sep 2021


Roemer-Insurance.com has experienced experts in bobtail and non-trucking liability insurance, who can cover individual Big Rig pilots or a group leasing operating plan. Motor Carrier refund for damage to the driver`s property if part of the rental agreement The simple answer in one word is NO! If you have your own MC number, require and ICC filing or DOT number, you must get primary responsibility. Bobtail insurance does not cover you or your business while you are pulling a loaded trailer and does not meet the insurance requirements necessary to maintain your ICC authority. You must purchase primary insurance with limits of no less than $750,000 CSL. If you are rented to a carrier, they will often list you under their liability policy, if this is not the case, or if you have your own authority, then you have to get the coverage somehow, someone always pays for the primary liability. You can hear different conditions for this type of insurance, including Bobtail, non-trucker liability or deadhead insurance coverage. The terms are interchangeable names that are used to identify liability insurance coverage for all non-truck uses for which you use your truck. Insurers usually have certain conditions that you must meet before offering you Bobtail insurance. You need a permanent lease of more than 30 days with a motor vehicle and you often need to have at least three years of experience in transporting loads. You are also required to provide your truck`s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), name, driver`s license number, date of birth and beneficiary information in the event of loss due to physical damage to the truck. It is also very important for the motor carrier company for which the owner-operator works to confirm that coverage is also available.

With the lease agreement in between, it leaves a potential open risk, which may not be covered by the primary liability coverage for the truck in the event of a return of a right to the motor carrier. At Insurance, we help Motor Carrier set up NTL programs that they can provide after the owner-operators are hired. It is customary for many Motor Carriers to even require drivers to be in their lease agreement in their NTL program to work for them. This will achieve two things; The driver knows that he is protected and that he is covered throughout his employment. The advantage for the driver would be that the costs of the business would likely be more affordable than buying a single blanket. Off-road or bobtail insurance will pay for medical expenses and expenses related to injuries or deaths suffered by others as a result of an accident that occurs if you are not on duty with your motor carrier. It also covers damage to other people`s property. Bobtail or non-trucked liability policies are a necessary cover for owner-operators leased to a carrier, who use this icc number of the company and that this carrier covers for the supply of goods, loading and unloading for the carrier as part of its policy. Bobtail Insurance is a coverage that has been designed to offer protection for your tractor if you are rented to an engine carrier with its MC authority, but you are not driving under Dispatch….

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