12 Sep 2021


However, if the Inneraghan talks go off the rails and conflict resumes, U.S.-Pakistan relations will suffer a blow. In such a scenario, Biden will support the Afghan government more than his predecessor and will likely exert more pressure on Pakistan to convince the Taliban to end hostilities. This does not mean that signing a power-sharing agreement in Afghanistan would ensure smooth relations between Islamabad and Washington. Under a Biden presidency, the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan will be gradual and conditional, and Washington will likely be present in the country for a long time to come. This could create renewed tension with Islamabad. The agreement allows Indian and Australian military ships and aircraft to refuel and reach maintenance facilities at the other`s bases. Beijing-based analyst Einar Tangen said the deal would give India access to secret service data, including satellite images of the controversial border. “China has learned that other countries are not planning like China does. If they offer money to a government, China does not indicate what to do. They indicate what they will support.

Roads, bridges, hospitals, electrical infrastructure, and it`s up to the country`s leaders to decide what projects they want to carry out and to what extent,” he said. But this poses problems, because if you don`t plan and get what you see as a stroke of luck, you tend to place projects where there is some benefit, especially for your supporters. The question also arises as to whether the infrastructure was necessary to the extent that was created. The mutual logistical support agreement was signed on Thursday at a virtual summit between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Australian counterpart Scott Morrison. India has signed a military agreement with the US on the exchange of sensitive satellite data, with the two sides conducting security dialogue at the highest level to counter China`s growing power in the region. During the semi-annual “Two Plus Two” meeting, the two sides signed an important agreement on the exchange of satellite data for military purposes. “I wouldn`t say (India) is a de facto ally [of the US], but there`s every chance it`s one, because the Chinese threat doesn`t go away anywhere,” he said. Despite this pressure, U.S.-Pakistan relations are likely to have a positive development in the Biden era — if the ongoing peace process in Afghanistan results in a lasting and comprehensive ceasefire and a power-sharing agreement between the Taliban and the Afghan government. Kugelman said the deal was important for India as it would strengthen its “conventional offensive and defensive capability.” Morrison was due to be in India in January, but he had to cancel his trip due to the bushfire crisis in Australia. U.S. companies have sold more than $21 billion worth of weapons to India since 2007 and Washington has asked the Indian government to sign agreements allowing for the exchange of sensitive information and encrypted communications for better use of high-end military equipment. “The BECA agreement is a game change.

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