11 Apr 2021


Financial agreements are the most critical aspect of building a win-win relationship. They are very difficult to obtain properly and changes may be necessary to cope with changing conditions. It is very important that flexibility and adaptability be integrated into the service agreement to ensure that the parties can adapt the financial agreement in order to maintain a strong relationship. Identify the customer and the service provider. Please provide contact information for both parties. Unique services: Total cost to create and operate the single service, function or functionality. In addition, it may be appropriate for the province to pay a fee with a standard service contract or letter (see section 18.3.7 of the CPPM). If you are unsure whether or not to use a fee, contact the ministry`s purchasing specialist. This section determines who is responsible for the implementation and operation of the service in each part.

It may also, if necessary, set up committees and decision-making bodies. This section should describe the service provider`s customer relationship management system. This should include available services, problem-solving processes, important contact names and contact information, all response times and commitments to solve problems. Escalation procedures for issues relating to the daily life of relationships should also be detailed. The nature and frequency of reports to the relevant governance committee on the scope of issues and their resolution should be described in a timely manner. The Service Agreements Directive: Essential Elements provides advice, advice, practical examples and models for those responsible for developing a service contract or reviewing a service contract developed by the other party as part of a developing service relationship. An accompanying document, the guideline on service contracts: an overview, provides executives and executives with important concepts to take into account when developing service contracts. Implementation efforts depend to a large extent on the complexity of the service and the cooperation in question. The transition to a new service relationship generally implies that, in general, implementation discussions between parties renewing a long-standing service relationship are not necessary.

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