11 Apr 2021


Under Philippine law, two people who wish to end their marriage have limited opportunities. They may request the separation of disputes that allow them to separate their property and live separately, but they do not legally end the conjugal union and therefore do not authorize remarriage. They can file for divorce if they are part of the 5 per cent of the Muslim population that is governed by the Code of Muslim Personal Laws. Legal separation maintains marriage, but separates ownership and separates martial obligations. This is a procedure in which one of the spouses is found guilty. Dear lawyer, my husband has not worked for years. He was at Vitlast last year with his ex-girlfriend. I was told that they had sexual involvement at his home in the province. I wanted to save our marriage as best I could.

I still hope it changes for our four children. If we`ve had fights, he won`t be coming home for a week or more. He makes a lot of excuses. I work and I am always the one who takes care of the children when he is not at home. This action has been repeated. We`re still fighting. He is not a good husband, an irresponsible father. I was going to break up. Please help me, where can I go to ask for help for a low cost. Can you also advise me if I can file other legal actions for my husband? (a) In the event of reconciliation under Section 23 (c), the parties submit a verified application for renewal of ownership or the adoption of another ownership regime under the same law separation procedure, which gives the Application the Tribunal`s approval. I have an OFW and my wife cheated on me while I was working abroad. I went back on vacation to talk to her in person, if we could still save the marriage, but she was sure she could no longer be saved.

Abroad at the moment and I would like to ask what is the process of separation of separation, because divorce is too expensive. We don`t have children. And as far as real estate is concerned, we`ve already agreed that they take all the things I`ve already given. Thanks in advance for the response My foreign husband and I as Filipinos were married in Singapore and had made the report on the marriage. I wonder if we can separate here in the Philippines. Enjoy the help. The court immediately adopts a reconciliation decree, which declares that the procedure of separation of law is repealed and establishes the property regime that covers spouses.cralaw (d) If the spouses are reconciled after the enactment of the decree, the court adopts, upon request, a decree of reconciliation declaring that the decree is repealed, but the separation of the estate and the transfer of the guilty spouse`s share unless the spouses have agreed to old ownership regime or adopting a new regime. I fought financially to help my family, so I have to go abroad, and I found a better income here.

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