21 Dec 2020


If you sign up before March 31, you will likely receive your housing contract until mid-June. Handling smoke detectors or other life-saving devices can lead to the termination of the housing contract. The occupant agrees to immediately report problems with the smoke alarm in his room. Students can apply for a waiver from the required housing policy if they meet certain criteria: students who sign rental contracts without receiving a written decision from the Department of Housing and Residence Life remain responsible for complying with campus housing requirements. Do not sign a rental agreement unless you have received a written decision from Housing and Residence life to allow you to live off campus. If the demand for housing exceeds capacity, the university reserves the right to use a limited number of temporary allocations of space on campus. Students who submit a residency contract on the first day or after the first day of class for the fall or spring semester agree to deposit the US$150 deposit with the Department of Housing and Residence. The full semester, the pro-rata semester or all temporary accommodation costs must also be paid at the office at the time of the submission and acceptance of the housing contract. Changes can be made to your housing application until March 31 via the WKU housing portal. Residents who terminate their residency contract at any time during the academic year and then continue full-time registration will receive a termination fee of 750 $US, will not be reimbursed for their housing deposit and may be charged for all applicable semesters.

Applications for exemption from the contract termination tax are available online through the Department of Housing and Residence Life website. A cancellation fee of $150.00/cancellation of the residential bond, termination fee of $750.00 and accommodation costs (room fees until the official date of withdrawal or the assessment of the accommodation costs required for non-compliance with the required housing policy) are assessed on a student`s bill. The date of the official withdrawal of a resident from the assigned residence determines the room fees and, if applicable, the amount of the reimbursement of the accommodation costs. Students can apply for accommodation after admission to the WKU. You don`t have to wait until your TOP date is valid to apply. Residents can use a coaxial cable to access local TV channels and connect their TV to the outlet. If the TV does not have a QAM tuner, a conversion box is required to receive channels. The necessary conversion box is the Iview – 3500STBII and can be purchased from local and online retailers.

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