19 Dec 2020


If you have any other questions about our current promotions, car rental offers or related topics, then contact us today. Our team of leasing specialists is waiting to answer all your questions. One of the most popular advantages of car rental is the maintenance regulations available in most rental contracts. Of course, the details vary within each lease, but almost all leases cover the normal wear and tear service and maintenance needs of your vehicle for leasing. These include changes in filters and liquids, regular tune-ups and regular scheduled maintenance costs, which usually do not derive anything from the tenant`s pocket. It is also interesting to note that some owners feel that high mileage rental is more advantageous than ownership of the vehicle in terms of financial security and safety. Statistically, despite the overrun fees you can pay if you return a high-speed vehicle with high mileage, it is likely that you will be ahead in relation to buying a car. High mileage causes a significant reduction on resale, but with leasing, it is already taken into account. The more time you spend on the roads, the more sensitive you are to accidents.

Therefore, if this accident occurs on your own vehicle, you will receive the wreckage history on CarFax as well as a resale/trade-in deduction for damage to the vehicle. In leasing, you are not responsible for deducting the value of this accident. Please contact our leasing service at 1-866-400-7693 as soon as possible to make further arrangements. Better yet, if your Volkswagen leasing contract comes to an end, you can decide what you want to do next! Do you want to buy the vehicle and keep it for years to come, or would you prefer to launch another lease with a new model? With Stohlman Volkswagen, it`s up to you. Rent the Volkswagen you want today. The contract lease1 is available for both private and professional customers and is ideal for customers who simply pay a monthly rent for the vehicle, re-register it regularly and not have a risk of disposal. Contract rental for the companyIf you have a local business, you can rent a car from us to use it as your own. Or maybe five cars.

Or even 50! This way, your money is not committed to the total cost of a car, it rather works for your business. The short answer to this question is, “It depends.” If you drive miles a year and want to keep your vehicles for more than three years, leasing is not very advantageous for you. However, if you are looking forward to having a new car, truck or SUV every two or three years and you are not interested in the process of entering/selling your current vehicle, you could be a leading candidate for a car rental contract. Basically, the difference between car leasing or buying is really on your financial, automotive and personal priorities. Whichever choice you choose, please contact us as soon as you know we have enough time to address your preferred option and avoid requesting your final payment by unnecessary direct debit. Once you have found an independent third party that sells the vehicle, please click here to get a sales invoice. Important information to note: Most car rental contracts have buyout clauses in them in case you fall in love with your vehicle and decide to buy it. Note that the purchase price of the vehicle may vary.

This depends on the residual value of the vehicle when the lease has expired. There are options to buy your rented car before the contract has been executed. But to do that, you need to talk to a CFO. They are the only ones who can provide precisely this information and deal with any early termination costs. If you have already compared the purchase vs.

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