11 Dec 2020


v) [bilateral disposition]. If, for any reason, the lessor is unable to pass on the property of the denied premises in the condition required by this tenancy agreement, either the landlord or the tenant, after thirty (30) days` notice, have the right to terminate the lease the other day. If the lessor hands over the ownership of the denied premises to the tenant in the condition required by this tenancy agreement before the expiry of the 30th day (30th day), such a termination is invalid from the outset, as if it had never been sent. As a result of such a disclosure, neither party is liable or is required to assume any responsibility or other obligation to the other party, except for a liability that may arise from the intentional and illegitimate acts of that party, to the extent that these acts have resulted in the fact that they are not in possession of the demeritable premises. C. The lessor undertakes to grant the tenant the physical possession of the premises denied on or before [DATE] freely and freely by all tenants and occupants and the rights of others. This delivery is also exempt from any pledges, charges and breaches of the laws, regulations and regulations relating to the use, occupation and construction of the building, unless this can be indicated in exhibition “B”. If, within twenty (120) days after the entry into force, the lessor is not able to obtain all the necessary administrative authorizations for land use (for example. B no building permit, demolition permit or similar) necessary for the landlord`s work (as defined in Article X), the landlord or tenant may receive a notification the next day before these permissions are obtained. , this period of at least ten days of this notification, unless these authorizations are obtained on that date. The lessor will immediately seek all these authorizations, carefully monitor these applications and do everything in its power to obtain such authorizations, and the landlord`s right to terminate the lease in accordance with the provisions of this section is expressly dependent on the fact that the lessor does so.

In the event of termination, neither the landlord nor the tenant assumes any additional responsibility or obligation to the other. B. If the landlord does not transfer the tenant in the tenant`s possession until the start of construction, overbooking a tenant, a delay or some other reason, the lessor is not liable to the tenant and this tenancy agreement remains fully in effect in accordance with its conditions, but the duration and rent do not begin until the day the landlord hands over the tenant to the property. If the lessor does not hand over the tenant by [DATE] the paid premises, one of the parties may terminate this tenancy agreement by notification to the other prior delivery of this property, in which case the lessor must immediately return to the tenant all the sums paid beforehand by the tenant under this tenancy agreement.

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