7 Dec 2020


A satisfied employee is often correlated with higher productivity and therefore higher turnover for the company. There is a kind of competition between companies to keep the best talent by providing generous amounts of business to employees. The supply of a car is one of the most fundamental companies offered by Denseern. The vehicle can be either owned by the company or leased by a third party and made available to the employee. Operating costs can be paid in whole or in part by the employer or worker, with or without reimbursement by the employer. At the end of the rental period of the vehicle, the taker returns the vehicle to the renter or, if the option is provided, accepts the purchase of the vehicle. If the tenant decides to buy the vehicle, his rents are charged on the total purchase price. 1.1 “vehicle” and “vehicle,” the vehicle described in Schedule A, regardless of whether it is not a vehicle. 5 3. OBLIGATION TO PAY MONTHLY RENTALS AND OTHER PAYMENTS 3.1 You are obliged to pay all the sums due as part of your rental agreement on time.

You must pay us all monthly rents and other amounts due and payable according to the terms of your lease on time until your payment obligations expire as part of your lease. 3.2 What are the monthly rents you pay? The total cost of your rental agreement and monthly rents are shown in the final parcel allowance that is part of your rental agreement. There are other fees and fees that you may be liable for as part of your lease. Important note: You will find more information about the potential costs and fees that can be applied to your rental agreement in Novation Leasing`s user guide. You are responsible for your lease agreement to pay us all taxes from the Commonwealth and Territory Government resulting from the completion of your lease and our management of your lease. These taxes should not be limited to stamp duty and GST. Unless otherwise stated, all amounts listed in your rental agreement exclude GST. In the event of a taxable delivery tax that we provide to you as part of this agreement, you must (but only if we file a tax bill) pay us an additional amount equivalent to the GST at the same time and in the same way as the payment on which the GST is calculated. The GST applicable to the cost of providing rental services or other taxable benefits must be indicated in the tax invoices issued to you. To the extent that we make a change to the intermediate rental of vehicle management services in accordance with the provisions of Vehicle Management Services, we may, in certain circumstances and at our sole discretion, change the residual value of the vehicle as part of your lease agreement. If we change the residual value of the vehicle, there will be a change in monthly rent.

Important note: we may decide to change the residual value of the vehicle if, due to the nature of the vehicle`s use, its value on the expected expiry date should be significantly less than the value indicated in the last final distribution of the package. If we make a part-time change that is authorized by this agreement, we will provide you with a revised parcel allowance, which will determine the new monthly rent. The new monthly rent is applicable from the next billing date, after the date on which you were made available for the final allocation of the revised parcels. 3.3 Payment method For all months of rent, we give you a tax bill before the date the payment is due. Prepaid monthly rents must be paid by you on the due dates specified in the tax bill.

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