7 Dec 2020


You`ll find new services and features as well as service changes and upgrades in Duuoo`s help center. 8.5 The client may appoint, at least thirty (30) days before termination and no more than once in a 12-month period, an independent external accountant who performs all the agencies owned or controlled by Duo Security, in which the customer`s personal data is processed or stored, to carry out a fee check and check, provided that this inspection is carried out on an agreed date during Duo Security`s normal opening hours; (ii) does not affect any business activity of Duo Security; and (iii) at Duo Security`s reasonable discretion poses no risk to the confidentiality, integrity or availability of data stored or processed by Duo Security. Before each audit, the client and any designated accountant must enter into a confidentiality and confidentiality agreement, as may be requested by Duo Security. 2.4 Subject to full compliance with the terms of this Agreement, if the Customer receives 15 days of service credits, which are set under the terms of the Service Level Agreement, the Customer may terminate this contract for each of the three consecutive months and, as a single and exclusive remedy, receive all subscription fees paid in advance by the Client to Duo Security for services that were not provided at the time of termination. ALS does not apply to free services and Duo Security is not required to offer support in terms of free services. 8.1 In Section 8, the terms “personal data,” “data processing,” “person concerned,” “processing and processing” and “responsible for data” are defined as defined in existing data protection legislation. For the purposes of data protection legislation, such as between the client and Duo Security, the parties agree that the customer is at all times the data manager and duo security is the data processor with respect to the processing of the customer`s personal data in connection with the customer`s use of the services. It is only when and to the extent that Duo Security processes personal data within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation, which is included in the customer`s data on behalf of the customer, that the terms of the data processing contract, available on duo.com/legal/gdpr-data-protection-addendum, apply to this processing and are included in this contract. Each helpdesk solution today offers a number of SLA reports, usually with percentages of problems defined in the parameters of each of the gold, silver and bronze levels.

When ALS has been set for entire functions such as email, helpdesk is usually not run directly with the task of keeping them running. Helpdesk may receive a call reporting that a problem has arisen, but the solution to the problem then comes down to a section and that group is responsible for measuring and reporting its performance in the E-Mail-SLA. 5.1 The customer pays the Security duo the costs plus all applicable sales, usage and other purchase taxes (or provides Duo Security with a valid certificate of exemption from the obligation to pay sales, usage or other taxes related to the purchase) in accordance with the payment plan and payment terms on the order form. The customer is responsible for all taxes related to services and this agreement, without income taxes from Duo Security. Unless otherwise stated in the corresponding order form, all expenses and expenses are in U.S. dollars. Unpaid and payable fees are subject to a one per cent (1.0%) financing commission per month, or the maximum allowed by law, depending on the deadline, plus all collection costs, including reasonable legal fees, except that the applicable law requires a further calculation of interest or financing costs for unpaid and payable expenses.

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