4 Dec 2020


The following list is intended to help NPCs and donors take into account the important elements of gift instruments. It must not be complete or definitive. NRPs and donors are encouraged to seek the assistance of a lawyer in negotiations and entry into gift instruments. NRPs and funders can clarify by cooperating in the creation of gift instruments containing the important details on which the parties have agreed. Another instance that you might want to use a gift is if you are donating to a non-profit organization or charity. You can use z.B a gift if you make a cash gift or if you donate a car, artwork or other personal item. If, at any time, the donor does not behave himself without proper consideration of public morality and decency, or if the donor commits an act or is involved in a situation, or if an event tends to degrade the donor in the Community, or which places the donor in public contempt or a public scandal or which seriously and negatively carries the reputation or activity of the charity , whether information is made public or not, the charity has the right to withdraw the donor`s recognition rights, as required by this donation contract. When accepting gifts from donors, it is essential to consider the laws and principles underlying these gift agreements. Gift agreements can only be implied or non-existent orally, in writing, on the basis of the form and content of a donor application. Many gifts are given by donors who have no contact with the NFP, the only proof of their intention to make a contribution that manifests itself in obtaining a single cheque, online payment or donation of money. In some cases, which typically involve important and complex contributions and promises, and when it comes to trust or agency agreements, NPNPs and donors include written gift instruments to recall the terms of the gift and ensure mutual understanding.

The AICPA.org play is part of a reflection here in the negotiation and development of gift contracts.

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