4 Dec 2020


We had to make passes and receive stamps at each border (but didn`t go to El Salvador). And paid entrance fees, if necessary. CA-4 The Central American Border Control Agreement 4 between Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala creates the free movement of their citizens beyond their borders. Visitors entering one of the four countries can travel to these countries without an additional visa. However, visitors may only stay in these countries for a total of 90 days and must request an extension of their stay with each immigration office in the 4 countries if they plan to stay for more than 90 days. Most visas in Central America can be obtained on arrival or at the border, but it is important that you check the visa requirements of each country you visit with the local embassy, consulate or good faith visa company to get the latest visa information before traveling. Always ask for a 90-day stamp upon entry into one of the CA-4 countries, but it is not automatic, so an officer with a bad hair day can only give 30. Salvador is generally not marked on the border with Guatemala. The passport must be presented at all borders. That does not mean that you are always asked for these elements.

Lee and I crossed many borders, where we printed out the necessary information and were willing to show the immigration officers, but they never asked us that question. It`s hard to know what to expect at each border – sometimes you`re asked accurately, sometimes you get an ephemeral look and a stamp, and you`re sent on the way. If you plan to stay for less than 180 days for the purpose of tourism or 30 days for business, you can get a tourist card at the border or upon arrival at the airport. You must pay a $22 fee. If you are travelling to Mexico, this is usually included in the price of your fare. The visa for tourists in Mexico will be valid for six months for single entry and it is possible to renew it in certain circumstances. All travellers require a valid passport to enter Belize, well for six months after the arrival date. While travellers are supposed to have the means to enter – which means a minimum of $60 per day of stay – they are never asked for proof. All tourists and non-Beans are required to pay an exit fee of $55.50; This is usually included in the ticket price for U.S.


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