4 Jun 2010


We manage to record this despite Dino’s absence (if sound is less than optimal, that’s why), thanks in part to special guest Keith Uhlig. Oh right, the topic is bikes. And biking.


  1. Dino
    4 Jun 2010
    at 8:38 am


    So, what you guys did not talk about is what kinds of bikes you are riding now?

  2. Josh King
    4 Jun 2010
    at 5:01 pm


    Great podcast guys. First one I’ve listened to. I got a fixie last August and love it. It’s the only thing I’ve been riding since though I’ll use my mountain bike once I get a chance to get to Nine Mile. I wasn’t sure what to expect so I made sure I got a flip-flop hub which is pretty common and makes it easy to switch to a freewheel so you can coast. Forgetting that you can’t coast was a bit uncomfortable at times but you learn fast. Really, the only problem for me was when I was riding down grand and tried to lift myself off the seat and cost as I went up and down the steep and crappy sidewalk ramps. I’ve been riding in traffic much more with it now and manage to flow well occasionally but you’re right about Wausau being too small and too fast to really flow with the traffic most of the time. One of my favorite things about a fixed gear is being able to stop at light and balance on the bike without moving.

  3. Vicki
    30 Jul 2013
    at 4:58 am


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