29 Feb 2008


If you were expecting more, we’re sincerely sorry to disappoint. But hey, here’s episode 007 for your James-Bond-loving-selves.


  1. Alex
    1 Mar 2008
    at 4:41 pm



  2. Zack
    7 Mar 2008
    at 4:36 pm


    I think Alex summed it up well. Not sure what that was… I was disappointed because you guys had a cliffhanger on the end of episode 006, where you were about to start talking about a topic, but then said you didn’t have enough time (which you then went on to talk about Weezer and the Muppets for like ten minutes, but I digress). So what were you going to talk about???

    Thanks for adding the download button, worked great and it made a half hour at work go by much faster.