22 Feb 2008


We were right about the episode number. Among other things.


  1. Alex
    26 Feb 2008
    at 5:02 pm


    I guess I’ll be the official first regular poster.

    I once again listened to the whole show. For some reason I find it very soothing, and this time it got me through some serious homework.

    Although I couldn’t tell you a thing about what you talked about, I’m sure you were right.

  2. Alex
    27 Feb 2008
    at 1:51 pm


    Coincidentally, if your looking for some fun banter on a future episode, here are some randomly pulled comments from other forums in response to a link for The Insophisticate I posted there.

    I hate macs. they’re worse than typewriters.

    The GUI really sucks on typewriters too.

    What they need is some smelly long haired hippie dude to represent Linux.

    “Dude, it like free software man.”

    Macs suck, but not as much as Mac users — now there’s a smarmy self-satisfied bunch.

    And finally …

    Everytime I pass the apple store in the mall, I think, “someday I too will be cool enough to blow money in there. Until then, well, ha!”

  3. Andy
    27 Feb 2008
    at 3:27 pm


    Ha, I love those comments. Now I have to get back to being smarmy and self-satisfied.