15 Feb 2008


We’re very excited to present an episode that is the result of minor planning and also a self-imposed time limit.


  1. Zack
    19 Feb 2008
    at 4:14 pm


    I heard how excited you were about a comment on your last podcast, so I thought I’d put one out there for you. And on topic as well!

    1. It sounds like you guys love Macs. I still don’t really see the appeal, does that make me an irrelevant nerd like the commercials portray?

    2. I’m pretty sure Microsoft will release a Blu-ray add-on for the Xbox 360, I don’t think they’ll miss a money-making opportunity now that the tide has shifted to Blu-ray’s favor.

    3. Operating on doctor hobos is strangely addicting.

    4. I thought your podcast was super duper. However, is there any way to provide it in a downloadable format instead of streaming it? I’d be better able to listen to it that way on my mp3 player especially since my work blocks streaming files.

  2. Andy
    20 Feb 2008
    at 7:18 am


    Hey Zack, thanks for your comment! You’re right, we’re a little bit Mac-obsessed. We’re fans of Apple’s products (generally), which makes them ripe for discussion. Don’t worry if you’re not a Mac guy though, we still love you.

    It will be interesting to see if MS does go the Blu-ray route. I wouldn’t put it past them. Also, I’ve saved all the doctor hobos I can (for now).

    Are you able to grab the RSS feed at work? That should link to the downloadable file. But I will also try to remember to get a link to the download attached to each post so listeners don’t have to hunt for it.