6 Feb 2008


I promise, we’ll try harder to pick a topic next time for reals.


  1. RM
    6 Feb 2008
    at 8:57 pm


    One listener: Not true! I am one, too. However, I do not have any hard drive recommendations. I can definitely recommend some good new gangsta rap mixtapes if that does you any good. Okay I am going to listen to the rest of this later…

  2. Andy
    7 Feb 2008
    at 5:27 am


    Gangsta rap mixtapes? Somehow that surprises me, but then it doesn’t. Don’t think we don’t appreciate the effort, though.

  3. Dino
    7 Feb 2008
    at 3:23 pm


    Western Digital. Lets just settle on that one.

    I think our podcast rules!

  4. Alex
    25 Feb 2008
    at 2:15 pm


    Let me start with an apology as this may very well be the longest comment to date. However, it doesn’t appear that you’re lacking in content, so that being said please humor me with your time. I tend to do things in spurts, so I have to sum it all up at once. Coincidentally, I have several gangsta rap mixes as well.

    Anyway, I actually listened to the whole thing and even took some notes. As usual, before I posted this I accidentally deleted them all and subsequently am pretty screwed at this point. The short term memory went years ago. I thought it was a great listen. You folks remind me of the “Car Guys” on public radio.

    Here are some thoughts on the content. There is no rhyme or reason to them, just imposing my right as a literate American.

    1. Utah is to the left.

    2. Minnesota does not rule.

    3. I don’t know crap about technology, especially Apple products.

    4. Unlike Minnesota, Josh Kinney does rule.

    5. I have done a bit of community theatre, including the Wausau Community Theatre. I’ll buy into the make some friends and have a good time part. But conversely, it’s infested with clique ridden, self serving individuals. I directly attribute community theatre to some of the worst experiences of my life, although it did open my eyes to the fact that the real world actually did exist.

    6. Country kids flocked to High Roller. I used to hang out at a little teen club called the Ultimate. It was great until the owner got arrested for molesting kids. We were doing a little more than kissing by that time.

    7. I think your podcast rules too.

    Best of luck, I will keep listening.

  5. Andy
    25 Feb 2008
    at 10:16 pm


    Alex, thanks for your comment! But seriously, Minnesota rules, like it or not (sorry!). And I think you’re right about WCT having cliques and political, uh, stuff. But it seems like that’s the case for a lot of organizations, especially theatre. I’m enjoying my time with them, but diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks. But, I am glad you like the podcast! Thanks again!